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Professional groomers have way lot of secrets under their sleeve to make the dogs instantly so fluffy and dry after baths. But, it’s no magic

Using the appropriate and the very best dog grooming drying techniques can make drying an easy, simple task. And, you don’t need to be a pro for using them

All you require is an in-depth mechanism of how these techniques work to dry your dog quickly after baths, even at home. Well, yes, we realize the pain of when your furry pal decides to roll in the garden the minute he has done showering.

But, don’t get your pet wrong, as dogs attempt to dry themselves by rolling. Unfortunately, this rolling can lead to matting and fur tangling. Plus, your pet gets a new coat of grime on its fur-yuck

In today’s PAWPUP blog, we have articulated all the best dog drying grooming techniques so that you can choose the ideal one for your pet and make life easier. Good Luck

Different Drying Techniques

Generally, there are three fundamental dog drying methods used by experts. These include:

Natural Towel Drying

Perhaps, the very easiest, simplest, and cheapest method is to make use of a towel. After a bath, you can wrap your pup in a high-quality drying towel for some time. Gently, rub the towel against his fur. The towel will soak all the excess moisture.

Then, you can keep your pet in a kennel, cage, or a restricted area to dry naturally by air. Ensure the place doesn’t have any dirt or debris. Limiting the area for some time would prevent your pet from rolling. Hence, maintaining cleanliness once dry.

Usually, this technique works best for short-haired dog breeds as they dry quickly. Plus, the usage of a high-quality dog drying towel is important in this method.


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It has dimensions of 100cm x 60cm, which makes it large enough for all dog breeds (except for the tallest ones like the Great Dane). To cater to this, the product comes in a pack of two.

There are two color variations available too (brown and grey). So, you can even mix and match the colors as per your preference.

The PAWPUP Microfiber Dog Bath Towel is crafted from the highest quality microfiber. It means each inch of the towel comprises more than 200,000+ microfibers. Thus, the dog towel is excellent at absorbing moisture.

It is super-absorbent as well as super-durable. Each towel is 100% machine washable. These towels would last you even after years of intensive use

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Cage or Kennel Drying

If you have medium to long-haired dog breeds with smooth coats, we recommend opting for cage or kennel drying.

In this, you will have to put your pet in a cage or kennel after the bath. Then, attach an air blower or fan to one side of the cage so that pet has a direct airflow. It will help us shorten the drying time.

However, there are several dos and don’ts of this drying method. For example, you can adjust the air blower to different temperatures. But, it should never be in hot settings as excessive heat can distress your furry buddy.

Plus, the cage or kennel should have good ventilation sources to prevent circulation and breathing issues. There should be plenty of ventilation spaces on the sides and top.

High-Velocity Drying

The high-velocity drying technique is usually used in professional pet care shops. When trying out various drying techniques, we do not recommend you to try this one until you have a good command of the topic.

High-velocity drying is something pros do. So, it does require quite a lot of care and vigilance. In case you have no other option left, we recommend you use a blow dryer instead of a high-velocity dryer at the start.

For this, you will require a high-velocity dryer and a quality drying dog towel. You will start drying by pointing the dryer somewhere the dog feels comfortable. Operate at the lowest speed and place a towel underneath the area.

Once the dog feels comfortable, run the dryer over the entire coat, excluding the head region. Then, come back to the point you started and keep on drying that particular spot. Dry until the excess water is gone, and you can see the strands drying up a bit.

Work on various areas one at a time until the dog is dry. Although the process requires lots of effort, it is the only method to produce the quickest results. You can dry the pet fur, straightened it, and remove matting all in some time.

However, high-velocity dryers produce an irritating loud noise that can make dogs uncomfortable. Hence, making the procedure troublesome for the groomer.

How to Choose a Dog Grooming Drying Technique?

We have stated some of the best dog drying techniques above. But, this is not the end. There are a plethora of methods out there that you can use. So, how should one find the idealistic grooming method?

  • Size
  • Coat condition & type
  • Personality of dog

The size of your pet dog and coat helps determine the grooming technique. Larger dogs with long-hair coats will certainly not get dry using a towel only. For them, you will have to opt for high-velocity drying.

On the other hand, a bubbly and energetic dog breed won’t settle down for a high-velocity drying technique. You would have to opt for cage or natural drying in this case.

Plus, you should also consider your knowledge and skillset when selecting one method. Do not use technical drying methods, like cage/kennel and high-velocity, until you have researched thoroughly. Happy dog drying


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