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There comes a time in all pet owners’ lives, where they do have this question; what fabric is best for pet hair?

You may groom your pet dog or cat every single day, and you will still find bulks of accumulated pet hair on your clothes. Well, similar to humans, shedding is a natural and gradually increasing process in a pet’s life.

The hair will fall from time to time, which means you cannot eradicate this problem. So, what now? Will you keep on spending so much time cleaning fabrics and rolling your shirts with lint rollers? Certainly not

Selecting a high-quality, pet hair-resistant fabric can save you all that trouble. Below, we have listed the five most popular dog hair fabrics. Read ahead


Did you know approximately 10% of the global leather production is used in upholstery, whereas another 10% goes into clothing? Well, that sure is a lot of fabric

Leather is much commonly-used material in all types of things, ranging from aesthetic bomber jackets to luxurious sofas. So, it is likely that all households have some percentage of leather fabric. And that’s much fortunate for a pet owner!

The smooth, impenetrable surface of the leather makes it an excellent pet hair-resistant fabric. It doesn’t let the stray strands stick to the surface. Instead, it repels them.

In extreme cases, the pet hair might accumulate on top of leather surfaces. However, it’s much easier to clean, and you can simply vacuum it away.

Perhaps, the only downside of leather is its susceptibility to scratches. For this, you can arrange a scratching post nearby the leather. Or, the most effective way is to keep your cat or dog nails trimmed.

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One thing you must have observed, leather does not get used in the manufacturing of dog drying towels. It’s extra hair repelling. But, it has zero water-absorbing capabilities that lead to our very next material; Microfiber


Perhaps, the most magical material of yet is microfiber when it comes to pet hair. Like leather, synthetic microfiber doesn’t allow pet hair to stick. Instead, the hair accumulates on top in ball forms.

So, you can either remove it from your hand or use a lint roller for the purpose. Both work fine.

Plus, microfiber doesn’t get scratches or tears as easily as other materials. It’s quite sturdy and long-lasting. Although microfiber is good at maintaining its original condition, sometimes pets can stain the fabric.

In such a case, you can always rely on some mild soap and water to wash your worries away


The PAWPUP’S Microfiber Dog Towel is one of the best-selling, premium dog towels available at affordable prices. Manufactured in the UK, this innovative dog bath towel comprises the highest quality microfiber material.

Each inch of the towel has more than 200,000 fibers that make it ultra-absorbent. The PAWPUP’S dog towel will dry your pet in seconds.

What’s more, this super-absorbent dog towel is 100% machine washable. The strengthened design makes this dog microfiber towel durable and long-lasting. It comes in a pack of two. (Color variants: Grey and Brown)



Pet hair on clothing items can be a nasty and frustrating thing to deal with. You can spend a day-long removing those strands from your shirts and pants.

Well, if you are a pet owner, then denim is one such material that will make your life a whole lot easier. The rugged, sturdy material has a tight fabric weaving. Its strands are closely bonded that it doesn’t allow any other particle to get stuck.

As a result, pet hair never stays in denim. Instead, it slides off to the ground. Thus, it is an excellent pet hair-resistant clothing material. It also makes cleaning excess pet hair easy as you will have to vacuum the ground only. There is no need to run around with a lint roller daily, getting the hair off your office shirt.

Also, denim has an aesthetically pleasing appearance that makes it a good choice for both casual and formal wear. When spoiled, you can clean denim using mild soap and water. The stains will vanish like they never existed!


Do you know how did moleskin get its name? (Well, it is not because it is made from animal skin.) It’s because the outlook of the fabric resembles the fur of a mole.

Moleskin is a type of cotton fabric comprising densely woven cotton fabric. It has a smooth, finished surface. But it feels extremely soft.

The material usually gets used in both clothing, upholstery, and furniture. Moleskin fabric tends to be quite durable, despite the bizarre combination of softness and dense weaving. You can wash the fabric in a machine without any care.

As it has dense cotton weaving, the material prevents pet hair strands to cling to the surfaces. If you find pet hair lying on moleskin fabric, shake it, and all the hair will fall off.


Generally, the canvas is considered an outdoor fabric due to its resistance against damages and looks. You can find canvas used in tents, backpacks, and similar outdoor equipment.

However, these days canvas is also gaining popularity as indoor material. We can now find canvas furniture and slipcovers in many households. Canvas is also widely used in the production of shoes, such as sneakers and joggers.

Canvas is basically strengthened cotton fabric, so it doesn’t tear easily. Once dirty, you wash it in the machine as frequently and as roughly you like. The dog hair fabric won’t show any signs of use.

What’s more, the canvas comes at a much cheaper price than other pet-friendly fabrics. But, the one reason why it doesn’t get used in dog grooming and pet care tools, like pet bath towels, is due to the lack of softness.